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It’s been a busy week, where does the time go?  I’ve been getting things for my swappartner, paying bills, working, going shopping, cooking, all sorts of things, but writing in my blog.  Home today with a sick child.  he’s almost 15, but had a fever and I don’t like to leave him home alone when he has a fever.  Nikki is going to buy my DSLR.  I’m glad, she’s got a good eye.  I’m keeping my SLR and lenses for it so I’ll be able to keep up with my photography.  

I’m writing my own pattern for a gift I’m making for my swap partner.  Couldn’t find one I liked, so I came up with my own.  Won’t win any awards, but it’s cute. 

Went to Janes Fiber and Beads on Sat. and bought some cool beads and some fiber to spin.  That stuff is like some kind of crazy addiction to me.  Since I’m home with Chris, I’m going to spin and knit.  And catch up on correspondence. And housework.  Nix that last one.


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Flip Wilson has arrived

My Flip loom arrived yesterday.  I’m going to try to warp it and weave some today.  I’m a bit weird in that I name all my toys, so flip the loom has been named Wilson.  Those of us of a certain “age” remember the entertainer Flip Wilson.  So there ya go.  My lendrum spinning wheel is named Mary, Queen of Scots (She was bought by my DH) from Mary Scott at SAFF this past Oct.  My first fiber affair and a great show, if you ever get a chance to go BTW.  My Bernina sewing machine is Bernice.  I’ve not named my knitting needles, too many and they seem to multiply, but then I never have the right size available when I need it.

I think I broke my left middle finger last night. Not flipping anyone off mind you, but trying to break up a dog fight.  Our new dog, an adult German Shepard and my alpha male Pembroke Welch Corgi, just aren’t feeling the love.  I’m not sure how I did it.  I know better than to reach my hands in between two fighting dogs…….   I’ve got to figure out the easy way to post pics so I can post a picture of her.

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