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Hi small world, how’s your weekend going?  I met up with a friend from Ravelery yesterday at a coffee shop/bookstore in Abingdon.  Great fun was had although I frogged and played with her adorable baby more than knitting ;-))  My sis, Janet and neice,Nikki stopped by too.  Nik is getting married in a year and they are checking out locations for the wedding and reception.  Janet said Nikki wants a old look.  I suggested Whites Mill or The Martha Washington in Abingdon.  They went by White’s and Nik said it was too old. 

 Finger is ok, just badly bruised.  Still haven’t got Wilson warped yet, may try that this afternoon.  I’m going to use a worsted weight wool and acrylic blend to make a shawl.  I’ll get something a bit more daring with my next project.  I’ve just worked on others looms, never my own, so warping by myself is a bit intmidating.

Knitting on a adorable baby sweater (in a mainly handspun)  for my greatneice (arrival date in April)  in New Mexico and a beaded project for my Scavenger Hunt swap partner.  Haven’t taken pictures yet, I’ll do it in the next day or so and post.  Hopefully.


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