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Hello world!

Me, a blog, HA!  I need one though for swaps sometimes and it could be fun to let friends know what’s going on in my world, so here goes.  I’m a fiber addict – knitting, spinning, weaving(just started) and quilting are my choices.  Occasionally some crochet.  I learned to crochet in the 6th grade, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Cloyd taught several of us girls how to do it.  Knitting, I learned from a dear friend about 4 years ago.  After my first lesson, I left her house sweating bullets and her sweet (grown daughter) said she didn’t think I liked it.  I swore I wouldn’t let it beat me though and here I am today knitting every day.  I also scrapbook and am addicted to the internet, I love a husband and son and 6 dogs, 2 cats and a sun conure.  Let’s see where this goes, shall we??


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